Projects for NESTE in St. Petersburg


NESTE petrol stations, NESTE office
Client: ООО «Neste Saint-Petersburg»

FORMULATI LLC fulfilled “Technical Client’s duties” (Project Manager):

  • Site selection and due-diligence
  • Organizing  tenders
  • Technical supervision
  • Support in obtaining permits and approvals
  • Organizing and management of  State commissioning procedures 

From Year 1995 till 2003 practically all the NESTE petrol stations (24 stations) in Saint-Petersburg were built with assistance of FORMULATI company which fulfilled “Client’s duties” for the projects. 

Besides the standard full-service stations including the “quick shop”, fast-food “corner” and automatic car-wash, automatic petrol stations of A-24 type were built as well. 

Also, in Year 2003 new two-storey NESTE office was built. 

From 2007 till 2008 FORMULATI was in charge of 5 new petrol stations: 

  • “Neste-Tallinnskoye, Kesko”
  • “Neste – Obvodniy, Lenta”
  • “Neste – Pargolovo, Lenta”
  • “Neste – Scandinavia 133 km”
  • “Neste-Strelna”


More about project

  • Total building area “Neste-Tallinnskoye, Kesko” - 340 m²
  • Total building area “Neste – Obvodniy, Lenta” - 140 m²
  • Total building area “Neste – Pargolovo, Lenta” - 299 m²
  • Total building area “Neste – Scandinavia 133 km” - 809 m²
  • Total building area “Neste – Strelna” - 581 m²





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