IKEA and MEGA family shopping center

Project Manager


FORMULATI LLC fulfilled “Technical Client’s duties” (Project Manager):

  • Technical supervision
  • Support in obtaining permits and approvals
  • Organizing and management of  State commissioning procedures 

IKEA is a Swedish world-famous company operating in more then 30 countries and owning over 200 shops.
In Year 2003 IKEA came to St. Petersburg Market.  

Having started the regional development in Russia, IKEA worked out the typical project “ MEGA+IKEA”, consisting of IKEA shop offering a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products at a low price, French superstore “Auchan”, German retail trade store “OBI”,  mega market of electronics and household appliances “Media Market” and over 200 shops ( shoes, sport goods, perfume and cosmetics, goods for children, restaurants, cafes, children’s play grounds, skating rink and “Kinostar” Cineplex).   

In Year 2003 the first IKEA shop was built in St. Petersburg. Later on family shopping  centre MEGA Dybenko was constructed on the base of this shop.  At the same time MEGA Parnas family shopping centre including IKEA shop was opened in the North of Saint-Petersburg.

More about project

  • Total investment - 500 million dollars
  • Total area - 133 910 m²
  • Parking space - 8 000 cars