Business centre B+ "Alia Tempora"

Project management


  • Organizing  tenders
  • Technical supervision
  • Obtaining  approvals and permissions
  • Assistance in design and construction
  • Organizing and management of State commissioning procedures
  • Consultations for  the Investor  

In Year 2006 nine-storey business center of «B+» class was put into operation. It is located in a historical part of Saint-Petersburg and is unique by architecture, interior design, decorations and equipment. 

«Alia Tempora» meets all the European requirements for business center of «B+» class. The latest equipment and additional technical  possibilities ensure  comfortable conditions for  the tenants:

- Modern air-conditioning system,
- Up-to-date telecommunication systems,
- “OTIS” passenger lifts,
- Automatic access control and video monitoring   security system
- Modern fire fighting and alarm system
- Dispatch control system

The front of the building has been stone-faced; the planar structural glassing (including curved glass) was used as well.  The guarded underground car parking with automatic hydraulic elevator is provided for the tenants of the building.   


More information

  • Total area – 8 500 m²
  • Offices area  - 5 700 m²
  • Commercial area - 740 m²
  • The underground car parking with automatic hydraulic elevator  – 450 m² for 12 cars